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Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (2016)

Who would of thought that there would be another installment of Sharknado? If you are wondering if the movie is about Sharks being caught in a tornado that bring havoc and terror to the American people, you are correct. Sharknado 4 takes place 5 years after Sharknado 3 in which Sharks endanger the world once again and Fin reprises his role as the only one that could save the world. However, in this installment, not only are sharks showing up in unexpected places (like Las Vegas and Kansas) we have the pleasure of being introduced to a variety of different types of tornados: bouldernados, oilnados, firenados, lightningnados, lavanados and, cownados. I guess the writers felt the old running gag was starting to run its course.

This 4th installment of Sharknado stars Ian Ziering, Tara Reid and David Hasselhoff. The cast also includes Tommy Davidson, Cheryl Tiegs, Gary Busey, Cody Linley, Imani Hakim and Masiela Lusha. Again, as in the previous Sharknados installments, part of the movie’s charm are the cameos, and this movie is no exception. While I am sure I missed some along the way, here are those I recognized: Cheryl Tiegs, Baywatch’s Gena Lee Nolin and Alexandra Paul, Wayne Newton, Al Roker (one of several NBC / Universal plugins), Steve Guttenberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Motley Crue’s Vince Neil, Lloyd Kaufman, Adrian Zmed, Todd Chrisley, Kenya Moore, David Faustino, Stacey Dash, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Carrot Top. However, my favorite cameo was Paul Shaffer as a street musician.

I will not go into detail about the story, because it was written in the goal to make no sense in terms of plot and story telling. The movie is one long running joke, well actually two. As I mentioned above, there is almost as many types of tornados as you can think of. The second is all the social and pop culture references that the movie was able to incorporate into the movie. There might be some that I missed, however I recognized the jokes and references to the following: Star Wars, Titanic, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, The Wizard of Oz, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (reference to the underrated 1986 sequel), and Apocalypse Now. As these types of jokes might get on some viewers nerves, to others, this is part of the charm of the movie: trying to point out all the references they are mentioning. Check out the preview below:

Bottom Line

This is the type of franchise that has its cult following. No matter how bad and unrealistic it could be, these people will watch it. In no way this is a master piece in itself, however when you realise that the script was purposely written not to make any sense and to be unrealistic and over the top, it was actually intelligently done in terms of all the pop culture references it makes. It is definitely something different and to some extent entertaining. It is the type of movie that it is soo bad that it makes you laugh. In my book, if a movie allows you to escape to a period of time, it attained its objective and that is to entertain. In its own way, Sharknado did entertain. However I think this is their last installment, because the running joke has lost its sparkle.

I give this movie: 5 sharks out 10.

Let us know what you think. Are you a fan?

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