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Colin James, Blue Highways

Canada’s very own Colin James, is back with his 18th album, Blue Highways. The album was recorded in a mere two days and is made up of 13 blues covers that impacted Colin James’ musical career.

I am not sure if it’s simply because this album was recorded over two days or Colin’s obvious love of the blues that makes this album sound so dynamic and fresh. It simply isn’t a cash grab album in order to promote a tour or bridge the gap between studio albums, this is a true blues record. Colin James and his band play the material with vigour, experience, respect and understanding and we hear this throughout each song.

Highlights include, Peter Green’s Watch Out, Don Nix’s Going Down, Peter Chatman’s Lonesome and Bad Bad Whiskey by Thomas M. Davis.

You must definitely check out Blue Highway, if you love old school blues. Collin James has hit it out of the park.

You can purchase Blue Highways from Colin James right here at the Aroundtable store.

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