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LiIlian Axe: Poetice Justice (1992) Retro Review

Group Name: Lillian Axe

Album Name: Poetic Justice

Length: 49:51

Release Date: January 14th, 1992

Genre: Hair Metal / Glam Rock

Label: I.R.S / Grand Slamm Records

Band Members at Time of Recording: Ron Taylor (Lead Vocals), Steve Blaze (Lead Guitar and back up vocals and Keyboards), Jon Ster (Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals and keyboards), Darrin DeLatte (Bas Guitar) and Gene Bennett (Drums)


I started listening to Lilian Axe with their previous album Out of the Darkness and Into the Light which was a mini collection of their previously released albums. I cannot say greatest hits as I am not sure that they had many chart toppers at that time.

Yes this is 80's rock at its finest. Hair spray and the whole kit. However this this album is where their songs took a more serious tone. Some of the songs on previous albums were just fun anthems like Number or Misery Loves Company. Let us see how this album holds up after 25 years.

Track Listing

  1. "Poetic Justice" - 0:39

  2. "Innocence" (Blaze, Jon Ster, Ron Taylor) - 4:57

  3. "True Believer" - 4:27

  4. "Body Double" (Blaze, Ster, Taylor) - 4:44

  5. "See You Someday" - 5:27

  6. "Living in the Grey" (Blaze, Taylor) - 5:15

  7. "Digital Dreams" - 0:50

  8. "Dyin' to Live" - 4:25

  9. "Mercy" - 4:14

  10. "The Promised Land" - 4:19

  11. "No Matter What" (Pete Ham) - 3:18 (Badfinger cover)

  12. "She's My Salvation" - 5:30

  13. "A Moment of Reflection" - 1:47

Stronger Songs on the Album

I will admit that I love most of these songs for various reasons. Some it is because of the guitar playing and some because of the strong song writing. The songs that standout to me are as follows :

Living in the Grey: I just love the guitar riff on this one. It is really catchy and I can never get tired of this song.

Mercy: Some of the songs on this album are borderline Christian Rock. This is one of them. However I like the song for the acoustic playing and the solo in the middle. That solo, although not very long, always gets my blood going every time.

See You Someday: This is the typical power ballad. Although it sounds typical, I could always relate the lyrics. Everyone has broken up with someone and you want to let go but it is difficult.

No Matter What: This is a great cover from the Badfinger Original. Def Leppard had covered it as well some years later but this is one of the better ones.

Weaker Songs from the Album

Poetic Justice, A Moment of Reflection and Digital Dreams: These are interludes that are not really needed on the album. They are not really bad per say but they do not bring any value to this album.

The Promised Land: This is one of those borderline Christian Rock songs. This time around, the music is not great in my eyes. it is one of the songs that I skip on the album the most often. Feels like I am listening to a preacher.

Living in the Grey


This is a better than average album. I personally like their follow up album (Psychoschizophrenia) better. This is a good listen on the commute. If you like 80's glam rock then you will like this group and album.

For me there is more good on this album than bad. The song writing it not bad, and the music is actually pretty good. This lineup was a pretty talented group and it showed on the album.

Rating: 7.5 guitar riffs out of 10

What do you think. Let us know.

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