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Baseball Riot Review (XBOX One)

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Game Name: Baseball Riot

Developer: From the HipMen Gaming

Publisher: 10tons

Release Date: December 2015

Price: 4.99$

Platforms: XBOX One, PC, and PS Vita


I often just browse the various games on the XBOX Live store. This game caught my attention and for 4.99$ what can go wrong? Even if it sucked at least I am not down that much money. Let us see how it fares.


This game is essentially a puzzle game with a baseball theme. The basic idea of the game is that you play as a regular baseball player. With your bat and ball, you need to try to take out all of the characters on the screen. You have to get them with the least amount of attempts. You generally get 3 tries (3 strikes). Depending on how well you do, you are graded on the 3 star system. The better you are in getting rid of the characters, the more stars you get. This has been a model used by quite a few games, but was really popularized with Angry Birds. In this case, it works pretty well in terms of the gameplay.

The controls are nothing special as you use pretty much one button to swing your bat and the left analog stick to move the crosshairs to direct your hit.

You go section by section and the puzzles get more and more challenging as you advance.

Sample Gameplay


I do not know why, but I got bored easily with this game. Yes it is easy to pick up and play, but for some reason it did not keep my attention. As soon as I hit a rougher part, I just stopped playing. Since this is a game on the PS Vita, I could see it being good on that platform. This feels like you are playing a mobile game on big console.

I cannot argue the price. I think it is perfect for what the game is, but it is just not a game that will be sticking with me.

If you are a fan of baseball and are a very casual gamer, this could probably suit you. I think that the more intense gamers will be playing RBI Baseball or MLB Baseball. This is truly an arcade style experience.

Rating: 5 strikes out of 10

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