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Under The Radar: Lockout (2012)

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Director, producer, writer, Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, Leon The Professional) and the producers of Taken decided to create a futuristic action thriller called Lockout. The film was released on April 13th 2012 and managed to generate a little over 14 million dollars at the box office. It starred Guy Pearce as Snow, Maggie Grace as Emilie Warnock, Peter Stormare as Scott Langral and Jacky Ido as Hock.

Upon its initial release, the film was described as Die hard meets Blade Runner, but after watching the film, most movie goers said that the film ripped off, Escape from New York. The similarities were so apparent in fact, that Luc Besson even lost a plagiarism suit in 2015 from John Carpenter, the co-writer and director of Escape from New York.

Lockout was a low budget sci-fi action thriller that was over the top in every way imaginable. The story was about a falsely convicted CIA agent named Snow (Guy Pearce), whose one chance at obtaining freedom was to rescue the President’s daughter, Emilie (Maggie Grace), from rioting convicts at a maximum-security prison orbiting the Earth.

Yes, the film is just dumb fun, and sometimes after a long week at work you need something to help release some steam and put a smile on your face. For me, Lockout is one of those movies. Lockout should have been made in the early 80’s because the action is balls to the walls, our hero is politically incorrect but completely ridiculous fun. The dialogue between the two leads ,and Guy Pearce’s relentless one liners make this film worth watching alone. Here are but a few examples;

Langral: I don’t like hurting you, Snow

Snow: Is that why you’re having him do it?

Langral: I can have Rupert bludgeon you all night.

Snow: I am being beaten up by a guy called Rupert?

Emilie Warnock: Who are you? Who sent you?

Snow: Your old man did.

Emilie Warnock: My dad. What did he say?

Snow: Well, I didn't get to meet him personally. He kind of delegated your rescue. He had a big conference on the corn surplus.

Emilie Warnock: You're kidding me?

Snow: No. No, apparently, we should all be eating more corn.

Emilie Warnock: About my father?

Snow: Oh, yeah. I made that other bit up.

Emilie Warnock: Did he have a message for me?

Snow: Yes. You are adopted.

It’s the banter and constant one liners that keep me coming back to Lockout, the film is truly a guilty pleasure. So if you’re looking for an hour and half of pure crazy fun, then look no further than Lockout.

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