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History of Batman (Conclusion) - Part 4

Updated: Nov 20, 2022


Batman has been around for the better part of 70 years. It has been on almost every media known to man, from TV and Movies to Video Games. We can not forget all the brand merchandising that has always been present through time. There were even slides created for the view master.

Why do people still like Batman?

That is an interesting question. For one, I believe that he is one of the few superheroes that is human. He is down to earth with no special powers. In DC there is no one like this. Superman is an Alien and Super Woman is the same and so on. He is the only one that people can dream to be as he is human.

He also has a compelling back story. I do agree that it has been told many times. However his trials and tribulations are similar to what everyday people struggle with from day to day. Not everyone is rich and powerful, but everyone has lost someone. Batman demonstrates that no matter what fame and fortune you have, hurtful memories stay with you forever.

This hero also makes people dream about technology and what could be done. At the beginning the gadgets looked horrible, but most kids like myself dreamed of having that technology. The newer movies made that even more realistic. Maybe some of it exists already, however the kid in all of us can dream of using them one day as Batman.

The last thing that I think helps keeping the Batman story alive, is the fact that he has a double personality. Yes I do agree that most heroes have this double identity. However, Batman is human and like us. We all would love to have a second identity sometimes. It seems like an attainable goal.

Will this be a fad or will it die down again like it did in the 70's and most of the 80's?

There may be superhero fatigue at some point. I mean there are 2 to 3 superhero movies coming out every year. I assume at some point the bubble will burst. The one thing that Batman has been able to do is reinvent itself with its own story. Yes, there have been new worlds written and new timelines defined, but in all of that, Batman is still Batman. They evolved the story by making it darker but it is still his story. They have not opted for the Flash or Superman route yet.

I think that Batman is compelling enough that even long after the superhero fad is gone, he will stay in our minds for a very long time. Proof is that some of the best stuff out there now is in games and in animated series'.

What do you think? Do you think that Batman will remain a fixture in pop culture for a while? Let me know below.

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