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Chris Stapleton: Traveller (2016) - There’s No School Like The Old School

There’s been a name that keeps coming while I search what music to listen to and that name is Chris Stapleton. Unfortunately I’m really late to get on the Stapleton bandwagon, but I sure am glad that I did.

Chris Stapleton seems to be an overnight sensation, a real storybook tale. Winning three major categories at this year’s Country Music Association Awards (Best Male Vocalist, Album of the Year, and New Artist of the Year). But, like most music overnight sensations, Stapleton has been developing his craft for years working behind the scenes in Nashville. He’s written hit songs for Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw and Adele.

Traveller is Stapleton’s début album and it’s a true testament to old school country which successfully recaptures the classic themes of guilt, failed romances, outlaws and whisky. He does this through his strong song writing skills and jaw dropping voice.

The album was produced by Dave Cobb, who serves as a great partner for Stapleton. It incorporates numerous styles of country music (bluegrass, southern rock, soul) but has just enough of a pop and rock receptivity to hook listeners outside the country genre. Cobb wisely uses Stapleton’s raspy, soulful voice to convey the message of the songs. The instrumentation is spot on but minimal, again it’s Stapleton’s endless range and vocal delivery that’s the star on Traveller

Chris Stapleton’s Traveller is a monster of an album, all the songs are well-played, well written, produced and sung with conviction. This guy is a genuine country singer, bringing back raw emotion and classic themes that have been sorely lacking in country music as of late.

Traveller is an album that merits repeat listens and rewards the listener for doing so. This is the kind of album that music lovers live for. Highly recommended.

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