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The Year in Review (2016) - Best Video Game Releases

Updated: Nov 20, 2022


So in my previous article we looked at the big stories from the past year. Well here we will look at the games that were released and if they were deemed good or not. Let us see what this year brought in terms of games.

Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation

This is the AVGN video game sequel that was released in 2016. If you do not know who the Angry Video Game Nerd is, let me explain. He is a character played by James Wolfe, where he reviews old video games. As the title says, he is angry. He plays the bad games and comments on the gameplay while getting more and more angry. Below is an example.

Sample AVGN Episode - Silver Surfer (Episode 27)

The game itself has the hallmarks of old NES games. In fact every world represents some kind of NES game that James has reviewed. The end result is that it is a very fun game. It is just a fun platformer with friends of the AVGN crew including Motherfucker Mike. At 8.49$ on Steam it is worth the pick up.

AVGN - Sample Gameplay


This year was the rebirth of Doom. When this was announced the trailer looked great, but everyone was skeptical as we thought that this would just be a money grabber. Then the Beta version came out and it was not that impressive. The multiplayer was not that innovative or fun. There were many criticisms of the Beta and they were warranted. However, when the game came out, players were blown away. This was the doom that we have always wanted. The same fast pace as the original with new updated graphics. I will play this game over and over again, well beyond 2016!

Sample Doom Gameplay

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

I have to admit that I was really looking forward to this game this year. It was pushed from its February release to August. I think that was a good move as the end result was awesome. Some would argue that it is not as good as the previous release, Human Revolution. I do not agree with that. It continues the gameplay from the last game. For one thing, I found it refreshing that you play when it is sunny and not only at night. You continue to play as Adam Jenson, the Augmented Human. There is a divide in society between Augmented People and regular humans. The story is very good and I liked it. The DLC was ok as well. I think this ranks upthere as one of the better games of 2016, but I do understand that this kind of game is not for everyone. Many people do not like stealth games. This however is a mash of different types of games, FPS (First Person Shooter) and Stealth. There are many ways that you can get out of situations and that is what makes this game fun and want to replay again.

Deus Ex - Sample Gameplay

Rise of the Tomb Raider

I will admit that I did not play this game this year. Too many to play. However I have heard only good things about this game. From the guys at CAGCast, IGN and buddies of mine, everyone loves this game. Graphically it looks stunning and this was one of the few exclusives this year. Then later on it was released on various platforms. When the price it right, I will definitely pick this one up.

Rise of Tomb Raider - Sample Gameplay


Overwatch was released by Blizzard and they did not miss their mark. This is a fast paced multiplayer game. Those that love this game, love it with immense passion. I had the pleasure of playing the demo and I can see the appeal of it. It is the COD (Call of Duty) or Battlefield 1 for those who are not fans of those games. It is very easy to pick up and they keep updating the game with new characters which is awesome. Another big perk is that it is one of the few games with no season pass. You pay as you go if you want to purchase certain things. That is very cool. One of the best this year.

Overwatch - Sample Gameplay

Rocket League

This was one of the surprises of the year for me. I did not expect to like this game as much as I have. Take cars, a Roller Derby and a soccer field and you have Rocket League. Since it has come out I keep coming back to it. It is great when you want to play a match for 10 or 15 minutes. I would have thought that after almost a year it would be hard to find people to play with, but there are still many people playing. There are no signs of this game of slowing down.

Rocket League - Sample Gameplay

There ya have it. These are the new releases that I played this year. I could have played so many more like XCOM 2, Killer Instinct, Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian. The problem is that there are so many good games nowadays, that it is hard to choose. If I would buy all the games I would be bankrupt. The good news is that if the next generation of consoles have backward compatibility, then I will probably play the above games one day and review them at that time. We will then know if they hold up or not.

What games have you played this year? Did you agree with my assessment above? Let me know at the below coordinates.

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