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L’Odyssée musicale du jeu vidéo / The Video Games Musical Odyssey Concert Review

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Venue: Place-des-Arts (Culture Center) in Montreal

Name of Concert: L’Odyssée musicale du jeu vidéo (The Video Games Musical Odyssey)

Date: December 9th, 2016


My wife did not know what to get me for Christmas. So she was surfing the net and she fell on the following website ( She figured, well, Phil likes video games and he loves the soundtracks. This would be awesome. She was right, this was a great gift for me. Let us see what was played at the concert.


This is taken directly from the website.

On December 9 and 11, under Alain Trudel’s musical direction, nearly 100 musicians and singers from the Montreal Orchestra Company will treat music and video games fans during a unique concert of soundtracks from video games produced entirely in the province of Québec. Whether it is Batman, Assassin’s Creed or one of the many others, everyone will be able to enjoy the local talents. The performance on December 9 will take place at the Maison Symphonique of the Place des Arts at 8 p.m.

There was a brief introduction by the Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre. His speech was pretty good. He said that Quebec is rich with creative minds and this was demonstrated with the excellent quality of video games that are produced in Montreal. In addition, video games are more than just gameplay. The music is what attracts us to the game and keeps us involved. I have to admit that this is true. Tonight we are celebrating Quebec talent.

Track Listing

Among the selected video games’ soundtracks that will be presented, you’ll have the chance to hear Ubisoft’s Child of Light music, composed by Coeur de Pirate, as well as the world premiere of BioWare’s Mass Effect Andromeda’s soundtrack. And a very rare and unique chance to see and hear the Octobass in action.

  • Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed

  • WB Games – Batman Arkham Origins

  • Eidos-Montréal – Thief

  • Eidos-Montréal – Deus Ex Human Revolution

  • BioWare – Dragon Age Inquisition

  • BioWare – Mass Effect 3

  • Bishop Games – Light Fall

  • Thunder Lotus Games – Jotun

  • Chainsawesome Games – Knight Squad

  • Juicy Beast – Knightmare Tower

  • Jeux Borealys – Mages of Mystralia

  • Clever Plays – Leap of Fate

  • Clever Endeavour Games – Ultimate Chicken Horse

  • Spearhead Games – Stories – Fleet level

  • Affordance Studio – Morbus Delirium


This concert was nothing less than amazing! I had front row seats and it was a hell of an experience. The mix of choir and orchestra was beyond amazing. There was not one note out of place. The choice of songs were awesome as well.

My favorites on the night was Deus Ex, although it was a little short. Morbus Delirium was very powerful. The Closing number which was a mixture of Deus Ex and Leap of Fate was a great way to finish the show.

I cannot say enough good things about this concert and I hope that this comes back next year. This is awesome for any fan of video games and especially music.

The good thing is that they showcased big studios and smaller ones. Montreal is becoming one of the hot spots for videogame programmers and creators. Quebec has long touted that we are very creative and this was definitely demonstrated on this night.

The tickets range from 50$ to about 100$. It may sound expensive, but it was beyond amazing. There is another concert from another company in February that is more Nintendo oriented. That show has already been sold out.

In closing, I would recommend this show and it is a great show to bring your kid at.

Rating: 10 choir singers out of 10

If you attended, what do you think? Do you like these types of shows?

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