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Arountable's Essentials: The Rolling Stones

Here we are with the final installment in our essential listening to get you in the mood for Blues and Lonesome,the first new album in over a decade from The Rolling Stones.

Aftermath (1966) - The band’s first album of original material. It showcased the band’s sneering attitude towards the world and the opposite sex. Without a doubt, this is the album that defined the Stones as the bad boys of rock n’ roll.

Standout Tracks: Paint it black, Under My Thumb, Stupid Girl, Lady Jane and I Am waiting.

Beggars Banquet (1968) - The album where the band successfully merged all their influences into one record. A blueprint the Stones would continue to follow for the next 37 years.

Standout Tracks: Sympathy for the Devil, Street Fighting Man, Stray Cat Blues, Salt of the earth and No Expectations.

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