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Glenn Hughes: Resonate (2016)

Glenn Hughes has been in the business for almost 5 decades and has been part of some of the biggest bands in classic rock, such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Trapeze. Now, if that wasn’t enough, he also fronted two of most underrated rock bands of this century, Black Country Communion and California Breed. At 65, Glenn shows no signs of slowing down any time soon and we see this in his latest opus, Resonate. The album is a musical and vocal tour-de-force, merging hard rock, funk, soul and blues into one of the best albums of 2016.

Resonate is definite proof that rock is alive and well. The whole album is well played, well sung and well produced. And because of that trifecta, it means this album is best listened to LOUD!! The first four tracks are hard rockers that kick the listeners a**. Then, just as you think you’re getting a modern rock album, Hughes goes old school for the next three tracks and channels his inner Deep Purple and if anyone tells you rock doesn’t sound like it did back in day, they need to get their hands on this record. Just warn them not to get to comfy with believing they’ve got this album all figured out because Hughes gets his groove on and throws in a couple of funk and soul numbers into the mix to end the record.

In my opinion there isn’t a weak track on Resonate. The fact that Glenn Hughes can just effortlessly switch styles on this album, makes Resonate such an exciting listen. This man just embodies music, regardless of the genre and it shows in spades on this latest release.

In fact, I believe Glenn Hughes is at the top of his game. He’s managed to find the right balance, incorporating old school sensibilities into modern rock thus making the songs sound familiar yet fresh and new. I have no doubt that the latest album from Glenn Hughes will, definitely, Resonate with critics and fans alike. Sorry, had to! LOL Anyways, it will definitely end up on numerous top ten lists by years end. I highly recommend this release for rock or music lovers alike.

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