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Aroundtable's Essentials : The Rolling Stones

Blues and Lonesome is the first new album from The Rolling Stones in over a decade. So, the Aroundtable has compiled a list of what we consider to be some of the best Stones albums to get you in the mood for this new release.

A Bigger Bang (2005) - The last studio album with original material, this album used a stripped-down style reminiscent of Some Girls, but with a harder more contemporary edge. A Bigger Bang was reported to be a “return to their roots”, using a minimal instrumentation approach. The end result was an excellent hybrid album made up of blues, funk rock, and ballades. If anyone thought that the Stones couldn’t bring back their old style, they need to give this album a go.

Standout Tracks: Laugh, I Nearly Died, Rough Justice, Rain Fall Down, Back Of My Hand, Oh No Not You Again, Look What The Cat Dragged In & Infamy.

Voodoo Lounge (1994) - This is the album that made us all feel like the Stones where all on the same page with this release. In my opinion, making this an incredibly legitimate comeback album, rather than its predecessor, Steel Wheels. The songs are once again a hybrid of blues, pop, rock and ballades.

Standout Tracks: Love Is Strong, You Got Me Rocking, Sweethearts Together, Out Of Tears, Baby Break It Down and Thru and Thru.

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