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Styx: Master of Shadows Review (XBOX One)

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Game Name: Styx: Master of Shadows

Developer: Cyanide

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Platforms: Micosoft Windows, Playstation 4 and XBOX One

Price: 32.99$ (Steam), 29.99$ (XBOX One)

Release Date: October 8th, 2015


This game was free on XBOX Live this month and I decided to download it and play. From the description it seems like it was a stealth game and I was intrigued by it. So let us see how the game is.


You play the role of a Goblin named Styx. What you are after is the heart of the World-Tree. It is a great tree with great power. However this tree is kept way in the Tower of Akenash. As being one of the first Goblins, this heart of the World-tree can help him understand his origins.


The gameplay is what you would expect in a stealth game. You try to move from area to area being as discrete as possible. Some challenges are easier than others. As you play the game you will see that Styx has some very interesting abilities such as the power of invisibility and the ability to see enemies through enhanced vision. It is fun to use these throughout the game. However the fun part is when you can clone yourself. I must say it is quite unique. Imagine having this ability in Assassin's Creed or in Thief. This would be very useful in many situations.

The rest of the game is pretty standard. The more experience that you get, the more bonuses or items you can gain.

The controls are pretty standard for an XBOX game. They are pretty tight and there is no other issues that I was able to see. However I can see the appeal of playing a game like this on a PC. Stealth type games seem to play better on that platform than on console, but it is fun nonetheless.

The one big complaint that I have with the game is the combat mechanics. I understand that this is a stealth game and that combat is not its bread and butter. I was stuck in areas for hours, because the parry/kill function would just not work. I kept getting hit and I was not able to do any damage to the enemy. Although this part is kind of small, I personally feel that it really takes away from the experience. I am not expecting the best combat mechanics, but one that works would be good.

The visuals and the sounds are great such as the ambient sounds when sneaking in different areas. I liked playing in the dark with no lights as it enhanced the experience.

Sample Gameplay and Intro Trailer


This game for me is a mixed bag. as a stealth game itself it is not bad as there are really good elements. However, the inability of getting out of situations because the combat mechanics are subpar, kind of ruined the game for me. It made it harder than it had to be. However finishing the game makes it like a great accomplishment because of the above negatives. The visuals are nice and the sneaking around is also quite fun. Would I recommend it to anyone? I got it for free so for that price I think it is fine. You can purchase it for 30$ on Steam and XBOX. It could be a good buy if you really like these types of games like Thief.

Rating: 4 sneaks out of 10

Let me know what you think at the below.

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