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Barry Gibb : In The Now (2016)

In The Now is the new solo album from the last surviving Bee Gee, Barry Gibb. The album comes in a standard 12 track version or a deluxe edition with three additional bonus tracks. The album is reminiscent of the Bee Gees’ latter releases like Still Waters and This Is Where I Came In, with a mix of ballads and pop- rockers along with a country music influence.

In order to keep up the family tradition of making music together, Barry Gibb involved his sons, Ashley and Stephen to step in to fill in for Maurice and Robin, his departed brothers. In The Now is an album of reflection and rejuvenation for Gibb. It gives us a look into this artist’s stance in life of embracing the now without forgetting the loved ones who have passed on.

In The Now has flashes of brilliance, showcasing Gibb’s ability to mix poignant lyrics with strong melodies; most notably in the songs Grande Illusion, End Of The Rainbow and Home Truth Song. This last song in fact honours his brother as he sings, “We all stand together in this one-man show”. This being said, this album could have been a tour de force for Gibb, unfortunately its overly safe production reduces these songs to run of the mill, adult contemporary and at times, clichéd ridden release.

Into The Now isn’t a terrible album by any means. Many Bee Gees fans will find something enjoyable in it however it could have been so much more.

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