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Flashback Review: Wild Hogs (2007)

Wild Hogs was released in theatres on March 2, 2007 and stars John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Laurence and William H. Macy. Despite the lukewarm reviews at the time from movie critics, the movie ended up grossing just over $168 million dollars.

The movie is basically about 4 middle aged men who are struggling with their suburban lives and decide to take a breather to go on a freewheeling motorcycle trip to the West Coast. Along the way, they come across a gay highway patrolman (played by John C. McGinley) who always seem to appear out of nowhere, a real motorcycle gang, (their leader played by Ray Liotta) and they end up saving a small town from the same gang. By the end of the movie, the 4 middle aged men come to terms about where they are in life, and that middle age does not mean that they need to stop living.

Reading through some of the reviews from 2007, most of the movie critics were pretty harsh towards the movie. I came across many reviews saying that the movie does not portray real middle aged men and was unrealistic. I never realized that these views were already out there 9 years ago. People have forgotten what a movie is created for: entertainment. Not every movie will deal with social, environmental, or human issues. A movie is entertainment, a place where you can escape from your daily grind for a couple of hours and just enjoy. That is exactly what this movie is all about.

The movie brings different aspects of comedy to the screen. Everything from slapstick comedy to quirky and sarcastic remarks. What amazes me the most about this movie was the chemistry between the 4 leading actors: John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Laurence, and William H. Macy. I am very surprised they never made a sequel to this movie. I just re-watched this movie 9 years later, and I still found it hilarious. More so this time around, because I could now relate to the middle age jokes they make, especially those from Tim Allen. This means that the movie has aged well and that it is still relevant today. For those who say that this is bad humor, well, I think frankly they do not have a sense of humor at all. See below a sample of the comedy I am talking about. It is the original movie trailer:

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a movie to escape for a couple of hours and have a good laugh, then this is a movie you should definitely check out. Is it for children, probably not due to sexual references they make and some explicit language used. It is simply a fun movie for adults to watch and have fun. Is it a classic movie, not even close, but I guarantee you if you are middle-aged and have a remote sense of humour, you will definitely enjoy it.

I give it an 8 out of 10 stars.

For those that want to buy it, you can purchase it on Amazon or on digital download at Itunes here:

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. Until next time...enjoy the "Wild Hogs" !!!!

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