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8 Superpowers We Would Like to Possess in the Real World

Superheroes are ubiquitous, spotted on television shows, movie screens, casino games, books, toys, and others. We long for their awe-inspiring superpowers, although we know that having such powers is against the laws of nature. Nothing would stop us from choosing one or many of the following 8 superpowers, if we are given a choice.

Borrow Superpowers

If you have Black Alice’s power of borrowing the superpowers of other superheroes, you have them all. You wouldn’t have complete control over those powers, but they would come in useful when you suddenly feel like reading your partner’s mind or travelling to the Caribbean.

Borrow Animal Abilities

The potential for entertainment would be endless if we could borrow the abilities of animals whenever we wish. We could then fly like an eagle, scratch like a cat, see in the dark like an owl, and enjoy the amazing strength, majesty, and hunting ability of a tiger.

Move Things at Will

If only we had the power of telekinesis and move things at will like Jean Grey, Battalion, Maxima, and Billie Jenkins, moving heavy things and getting things cleaned up would have been easier and less time consuming.

Jean Grey

Save on Medical Expenses

We wouldn’t have to spend a penny on doctors, health insurance policies, and life insurance policies if only we had Romulus’ power to repair damaged tissues and heal injuries. We would not only be immune to all diseases, but also live to be over a thousand years old.

Great Physical Strength

While we wouldn’t want to have the physical appearance of the Hulk, one of the Avengers who rule all forms of entertainment such as online casino games, movies, and video games, we would definitely love to have his superhuman strength.

Talk to Our Pets

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could actually communicate with our pets the way we communicate with one another? We would then be like Super Commando Dhruva or Tarzan who could get animals to perform any task for them.

Travel at Will

Nightcrawler’s teleportation skills will definitely be of use to humankind. If we could take ourselves to any destination at will, we could get rid of all those fuel-guzzling airplanes and cars and really save the environment.

Cancel Others’ Superpowers

It wouldn’t be fun if everybody had superpowers. The possibility of some unscrupulous characters misusing their superpowers cannot be ruled out. Under these circumstances, Leech’s ability to cancel others’ superpowers would come in very useful.

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