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Aroundtable Presents: Icon Award

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

With Star Trek celebrating its 50th anniversary and the upcoming release of the thirteenth feature film, Star Trek: Beyond, Aroundtable is proud to present its next recipient of the Icon Award. The USS Enterprise.

Few ships in the realm of Sci-Fi can command the awe and respect of the USS Enterprise. The Enterprise is Starfleet’s most famous vessel since its 1966 television debut in the original Star Trek series. Then moving on to movie spin offs, a T.V. prequel (Enterprise) and of course with TNG (The Next Generation), well let’s just say it has lasted the test of time.

Its look was simply ground-breaking/cutting edge and light years away from the rocket like ships of the Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers fame. Enterprise had a logic to its design, with its twin engines armed away from the main body to minimize potential dangers and to its crucial systems built into its interior for better protection. Well, inasmuch as the Enterprise was a cool looking ship, it also represented Earth by showcasing its true strength, the crew itself. Its diversity with regards all human beings (genders and different races) working together and moving forward in its peaceful pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement.

Besides, no matter how the Enterprise’s appearance has evolved over the last half century, it’s what it stands for that makes this ship so iconic. Its inspiring message endures to move fans to look beyond themselves and continue to boldly go where no man has gone before.

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