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Eric Clapton: I Still Do - Comfortably Clapton

Eric Clapton reunites with producer extraordinaire Glyn John for his 23rd studio album, I Still Do. The album is made up of twelve, mostly laid back tracks and is available in multiple formats.

Those not in the know, Glyn John produced one of Clapton’s biggest albums of his career, Slowhand and lest we forget, his underrated follow up, Backless. So, after a forty-year gap, the fans’ curiosity was at an all-time high to see where the team of Clapton/John would take them.

Well, I Still Do doesn’t stray too far from Clapton’s formula of the last five decades; a batch of singer songwriter covers, some delta blues and a couple of new tunes for good measure.

I Still Do is a very laid back album, so those looking for walling guitar solos and rockers like, After Midnight or Bad Love, will have a hard time with Slowhand’s latest release. What makes I Still Do such a pleasure to listen to though is the fact that Clapton is so comfortable in his own skin and it shows. Long gone are the chasing of trends and hit singles. Clapton is revitalized, knowing exactly what makes Clapton...Clapton!

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