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Prince: Hit n Run - Phase two (2016)

Prince’s last album of original material has been available to download from Tidal, since December 2015. Now, for all those who love to handle music as much as I love listening to it, the physical format has finally been given an official release date of April 29th, yeah! The album is an eclectic twelve track set that is a satisfying end to an iconic career.

Hit n Run: Phase two is the total opposite of its predecessor. It replaces Phase one’s cold electronic dance music with a warmer organic blues/funk/RnB and jazzy feel.

Those looking for the second coming of Purple Rain or 1999 will surely be disappointed, but don’t let that stop you from picking up this fantastic release.

Personally, I really enjoyed Phase two; I believe that all long-time Prince Fans will also appreciate this release.It is a fine album showcasing an artist, embracing and mastering all musical styles at his disposal.

Prince just wasn’t afraid to try anything different, he was, AMAZING!

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