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RIP Prince : I Was Dreaming When I Wrote This

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

As I was having lunch with a friend today, we were speaking about, of all people, Prince. As we both said that we should have gone to his last Montréal show and shook hands to say goodbye, I received a few texts with the shocking news. Prince, one of my favorite artists and inspirations had passed away. Needless to say, the afternoon was a write off. All I could do was listen to all his songs playing on the radio.

My ride home was a blur but somehow I managed to get home in one piece. I planned on having a glass of wine and to listen to more Prince. Luckily for me, my family and friends know how much I really love this man’s music, so they greeted me with a glass of wine and a Prince cd in hand.

Regardless of background, upbringing or nationality, Prince brought everyone together. So, there we were, having our wine, dancing and singing along to the music that this genius left behind.

Prince was a true artist who embodied music, broke down barriers and transcended every genre there ever was. He was literally a one of a kind that touched millions around the world.

As the music died down and the effects of the wine began to hit me, I sat on the couch thinking; how lucky am I to have grown up and to have experienced this amazing artist that brought so many people together.

It was then that I decided to stop being sad and became grateful for the many memories he has left me, including this happy one tonight. So, with all my heart, I thank you Prince for an incredible soundtrack that has become a part of my family and friends lives.

I leave you now with a quote that best signifies how I feel about this very moment.

Dearly beloved We are gathered here today To get through this thing called life…

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