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Jeff Healey: Heal My Soul (2016)

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Heal My Soul is the posthumous album from blues artist Jeff Healey. The album was overseen by Healey‘s wife, Cristie and close friend, Roger Costa. Heal My Soul has 12 passionate tracks that were recorded between 1996 and 1998.

Those two years were a particularly dark time for Healey. A decade long of non stop touring and recording had taken a toll on his personal life, and his band of thirteen years was on the brink of falling apart. Thankfully, Jeff Healey poured his frustration into these tunes; making Heal My Soul his most powerful and passionate set of tracks ever to be released.

I believe most posthumous releases are simply a cash grab but Heal My Soul just isn’t one of those. This twelve track album really seems like a labour of love from Cristie and Roger. It captures the heart and soul of his recordings gives it back to the fans who still miss him.

Heal My Soul showcases some of the most jaw dropping guitar playing and emotionally driven vocal performances ever to be released. In fact, this album will only reinforce what fans already know, Jeff Healey was one in a million. There are no words to explain the sheer joy I got listening to Heal My Soul. Every song is a winner. If you miss Jeff Healey and love rock and roll, look no further, this release will definitely heal your soul.

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