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The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was established in 1983 in Cleveland Ohio and is dedicated to some of the most influential recording artists, bands, producers and others that have made an influential impact in the music industry; particularly in the area of rock n roll.

These musicians, bands or producers become eligible to be inducted into a category 25 years after their first record is released. In order to be inducted, they must be voted in by a committee that selects anywhere between nine to a dozen candidates. Ballots are sent out to 600 “rock experts” who evaluate and vote on the candidates considered for induction. Those with the most votes and at least 50% of the votes are inducted. Sounds like a fair and accurate system, doesn’t it? Then why has the rock n roll hall of fame come under such fire over the last decade?

Over the last ten years, numerous bands, artists and fans have become very vocal on the hall of fame’s choices or more importantly, its omissions to the hall itself.

Well, this year is no exception. Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Chicago and Steve Miller are finally to be inducted and once again fans and artists are disappointed with how long these bands had to wait to finally being recognized. I don’t want to short change the contributions of Madonna, N.W.A. and Run DMC however I believe they shouldn’t have been recognized before them because I don’t consider them to be Rock n Roll!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame needs to re-evaluate their mission statement or they will lose their credibility, once and for all. If this hall of fame wants to maintain its legacy and have such a diverse group of candidates and inductees, then they should change their name to the Music Hall of Fame. This will definitely put an end to the black cloud hovering over them and at the same time, open the door to all the artists who have made a lasting impact on music, period.

This in my opinion is the only way for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to redeem itself to music fans and its peers. Most of the artists in the hall of fame transcend the label of rock n roll, music is multi cultural, multi genre, and should be represented as such.

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