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Kung Fury : Kung Funny

Are you aching for some excitement? Feeling a little nostalgic? Looking for some kick-ass martial arts, Sci-fi, buddy cop films set in the 80’s? Are you missing David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff? Then look no further than Kung Fury!!!

Kung Fury has everything you ever loved from the 80’s all rolled up together in one thirty-minute short film that will have you laughing, crying (sometimes for the right reasons) and trying to get you to try your best interpretation of the Karate Kid’s “Crane Kick”. Best of all, you can do all of those and more in the comfort and safety of your own home, because Kung Fury is now on NETFLIX.

So, who are behind such a gender bender of a short film, you might ask? Paramount, Viacom, Marvel? Kung Fury was crowd funded through Kickstarter and was filmed in Sweden by director, screenwriter and star of the film, David Sandberg.

Trying to explain the film is tricky and a little complicated, so read carefully. Ready? Let’s go! The film takes place in the mid eighties in Miami. The toughest martial arts cop must go back in time to kill Adolf “kung fuhrer” Hitler. If you didn’t get it, read it again …and again!

Kung Fury is a comedic and brutal homage to the modern day classic 80’s films. If you love incoherent story lines, over the top (no pun intended) action, time travel, Thor, laser Raptors, horrible catch phrases, and lest we forget; since it wouldn’t be an 80’s homage without it, a cameo from “The Hoff”. He also sings a song at the end of the film, that you really shouldn’t miss.

Kung Fury is a fun, in your face, thirty-minute roller coaster ride that needs to be seen with a few good friends and couple of cold ones.

If you’re looking for something totally out of left field, then I urge you to watch Kung Fury.

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