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Who You Shouldn't Call

Ghostbusters is one of the most endearing franchises like Back to the Future, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and simply is untouchable in the hearts of their respective fans. So I was disappointed to hear that the franchise was continuing as a reboot instead of the further adventures of the original Ghostbusters. Personally I would have much preferred having Dr. Venkeman, Stanz ,Spengler & Zeddmore(at least the surviving members) get one last hurrah saving the city from the supernatural.

The trailer of the newly rebooted Ghostbusters has been released, and needless to say I was not impressed. If you going to reboot one of the most beloved comedies, you better make it funny, and this trailer simply fell flat, I did not laugh once. Columbia Pictures has a real upward climb with this film, I believe the trailer did more damage than good. Someone at Columbia Pictures needs to contact J.J. Abrams, this guy knows how to make an effective trailer.

The fans of the original films are already outraged by the reboot and the fact the Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and most of the original cast have only cameos in the reboot just adds insult to injury. I would have settled in seeing a passing of the torch sort of film. What I would have done is have the original Ghostbusters save the world with Harold Ramis’ character Dr. Spengler dying heroically. Realizing that team is not what they once were, and with cost of losing a founding member/friend, they decide to pack it in and go on a journey to find their replacements.

Getting back to the reboot , I really thought that it was lame that director/writer Paul Feig and Kate Dippold switched the Ghostbuster team from all men to all women with a male receptionist. What about a mixed gender team…men and women do work together in 2016, perhaps even having one of the members be on offspring of the original team. Just think how funny it would be for Bill Murray/ Dr. Venkeman explain how Leslie Jones’ character Patty Tolan is his long lost daughter.

I do hope that I am wrong , but it looks like this newest reboot of a fan favourite will end up disappointing everyone and we will have to wait another decade before anyone tries to mess with it again.

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