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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

DC is finally getting their act together by creating thier own series of superhero movies and who can blame them? Just look at Marvel’s track record so far.

In fact, DC is starting things off with the big boys. The Dark Knight & The Man of Steel will collide for the first time on movie screens with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film will be the foundation for the spin off films and the eventual release of The Justice League movie. Sounds epic, right? Then why am I not feeling it?

Arguably comics two biggest icons are going to share the silver screen for the first time and its just another day at These are my two favourite superheroes, and they are together! This is my geek boy dream, coming to life. I should be on cloud 9, this is one for for my bucket list of dream movies!!! This should be one of my defining movie moments, like it was when I saw Star Wars for the first time. For those who don’t get the Star Wars reference, it should be like when you realize the one your with is actually “The One”.

So, I started thinking why am I just not that excited? If I go back a couple years, when they announced that Ben Affleck was going to be The Dark Knight, we all thought OMG, remember Daredevil? But, Ben has redeemed himself by becoming an incredible director since then. Not to mention that he seems pretty good in the trailers, playing Bruce Wayne.

Now, as for the trailers, my initial reaction was that they are giving away way too much of the movie. Someone at DC needs to call J.J Abrams so he can show them how to make an exciting trailer. I still get chills watching the Force Awakens trailers. My biggest problem with the earlier trailers of Batman v Superman is that they gave away a potentially WTF moment by revealing a creature that looks like “Doomsday”. I certainly hope that I’m wrong with this and that this is simply a “Doomsday” prototype. It ‘s too soon in my opinion to bring out the creature that can kill Superman! This iconic monster should be saved for a future installment or, better yet, let the last Superman movie end the franchise with a bang; not a whimper.

Last but not least, the team behind the movie, most notably, director Zack Snyder and writers Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer. I’m still on the fence about how they handled their first endeavour together, The Man of Steel: is that really Superman? I don’t think they captured the his essence at all. I know that they were trying to stir things up with the last son of krypton in that movie, but making it dark, just because the last Batman trilogy was dark, is not a reason. Superman has always been a symbol of hope and he is DC’s moral compass. I really didn’t get that sense with: The Man of Steel.

With Zack Snyder, I’m sure that this film will be a feast for the eyes, but what it really needs is, soul. If the film is indeed the foundation for DC’s movie line up, then it needs the audience to have an emotional connection to what is happening in the movie. The foundation needs to be more than a CGI spectacle, or the whole series will end faster than it started.

I do hope that I’m wrong and that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is a good movie, but for right now I’m not holding my breathe.

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