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Bonnie Raitt, Dig In Deep (2016)

Singer-songwriter, guitar slinger, interpreter and living legend: Bonnie Raitt returns to the music scene with her 17th studio album, Dig In Deep. The latest release is an inspired 12 track collection of original compositions and covers with Raitt expertly showcasing her love of blues, funk and RnB. For the exception of one track, Dig In Deep was produced by Raitt herself and marks the second release on her own record label, Redwing.

Raitt did have a hand in composing five of the 12 tracks and they are simply some of her strongest and most heartfelt tracks since Nick of Time and Luck of the Draw. Highlights include the album opener, Unintended Consequence Of Love & the piano driven ballad, The Ones We Couldn’t Be. Dig In Deep continues to demonstrate that Raitt is an unparalleled interpreter. Tackling INXS’s, Need You Tonight and effortlessly making the track fit the album and her persona.

My only minor quibble with Dig In Deep, is that it delves into familiar territory musically and lyrically, but wisely Raitt brings in her long-time touring band into the studio and the material is elevated into a vibrant set, giving the songs added depth and warmth.

Bonnie Raitt’s Dig In Deep is simply an incredible album from start to finish. It offers the listener fun time rockers and soul shaking ballades. Bonnie Raitt seems to know what she wants with this release, taking her life experience and wisdom and using all her strengths to put them to music. It makes this latest record one the most entertaining albums of her illustrious career.

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