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What is Deadpool's Success Telling Hollywood

With the success of Deadpool, I’m sure that studio executives in Hollywood are scrambling to find their next Rated R imitation of the hit film. And, as much as I loved the film, I don’t think that these executives should change the next onslaught of superhero films to R rated ones simply because of Deadpool’s success.

The reason for Deadpool’s big box office is the fact that the film stays pretty close to the source material. Ryan Reynolds had been campaigning for the film and its R rating for years. And director Tim Miller and writers Rhett Resse and Paul Wernick really loved the character and embraced the story of Deadpool consequently making a sort of love letter for the fans.

What Hollywood needs to listen to, is what movie audiences really want. Which is an entertaining movie made by people who clearly are fans of the material. Just because the last Batman trilogy was dark in tone, doesn’t necessarily mean that every super hero movie needs to follow suit. Changing the source material of the fans’ beloved characters usually ends in disaster. For every Batman & Deadpool out there, there is a Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four just waiting in the wings. So I do hope that Hollywood does listen to the fact that Deadpool was made by the fans, for the fans, and not some studio release trying to capitalize on the latest trend. Hopefully one day, Hollywood will smarten up and allow films to be made by the right people who will make an entertaining film that will resonate with audiences and become profitable for the studios, making everyone happy.

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