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The Cult, Hidden City (2016)

The Cult: led by spiritually inclined lead singer and lyricist Ian Astbury and down to earth riff master Billy Duffy, have returned with their tenth studio album, Hidden City. The album is cited as the end of a trilogy that began in 2007 with Born Into This and followed by, Choice Of Weapon in 2012. Producer Bob Rock returns for his fifth time behind the controls to oversee this project.

What makes Hidden City such an entertaining listen? Astbury and Duffy continuously try to reinvent/ rejuvenate their style without sacrificing their core sound. The twelve guitar driven tracks sound fresh and new but subtly tease the listener with a classic sound that they have grown to know and love from The Cult.

Hidden City does stumble at the mid way point however, the back to back ballades In Blood and Birds Of Paradise. I believe these songs take away from the album’s continuity. All in all, Hidden City, is another fine release from The Cult.

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