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Adele, 25 (2015)

In 2011 Adele struck the hearts of music fans around the world by releasing an honest and emotional break up album made up of bitter sweet love songs that have not been heard of since the days of Dusty Springfield. The album was a global smash, selling an impressive thirty million copies.

Now, four years later, Adele returns with her highly anticipated third studio album, 25. So far, her newest release is definitely on the right track as its predecessor with its record breaking three million units sold in its first week.

Personally what really struck me about this album, is Adele’s maturity. Songs like “Love In The Dark, All I Ask, Million Years Ago” showcase an artist who is talented beyond her years and these songs could have been covered by an artist twice Adele’s age. She tackles such themes of fleeting youth, love, and/or fame with such conviction and understanding that it makes 25 a truly gratifying listen. I must say however, it really revealed itself through repeated plays.

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