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SPECTRE (2015): My Name Is Flawed, James Flawed

Daniel Craig teams up with Sam Mendes (SkyFall) in, Spectre, the 24th installment in the Bond franchise.

Following a cryptic message from Lady M (Judi Dench), Bond learns more about the secret organization that`s been lurking in the shadows of the last three films.

His off-book investigation in the matter allows for the new head of British Security, Mr. Max Denbigh - code named C (Andrew Scott) to undermine M-I 6`s very existence as he tries to dissolve the “00” program in order to bring in a new high tech global surveillance system.

Not only does Spectre provide great action, exotic locations, girls and guns, it is once again beautifully shot and exactly what we expect from a Bond movie. Unfortunately, Spectre stumbles when trying to tie together Craig’s darker and grounded portrayal of Bond with the franchise`s simplified “spy versus super villain” formula.

Spectre drops the ball as well; just like its predecessor, SkyFall; in creating a worthy nemesis for Bond. Christoph Waltz, a phenomenal actor on his own, isn’t given much to work with as: Franz Oberhauser. His performance seemed subdued and bland and voided the film of a much needed tension that would bring the series to a new level.

The writers of the next Bond films, need to stop rebooting Bond`s character and work more on the crucial element in these action/thriller type movies….TENSION! Let’s face it, we all know Bond will prevail in the end but what makes for a great movie? The tension of a villain that can go toe to toe with Bond and that he overcomes anyway. That is sorely missing in the Daniel Craig Bond movies.

Spectre is still an enjoyable popcorn movie, but with all this talent it could have been so much more.

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