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Keith Richards, Crosseyed Heart (2015)

Keith Richards releases his third solo album, Crosseyed Heart. The album is made up of fifteen tracks that manages to effortlessly capture Richards’ love of blues, country, rock, reggae and folk music.

Crosseyed Heart is a joy to listen to because we see Richards is finally at ease with who is and what he really likes. He isn’t reinventing the wheel but for what he is doing, he just does so well. As well, the album has that “on the fly” touch where Richards’ and the band just seamlessly create a series of casual jams and give the album a great live feel.

It may have taken twenty three years for him to step out on his own again, but Crosseyed Heart is an entertaining listen. We see that the artist, knows his strengths and uses them perfectly. Hopefully we won’t have to wait this long for another release from Richards but in his defence, Richards has been busy writing books (Life & Gus or Me: The Story of My Grandad and My First Guitar) and let’s not forget that there’s this little band he fronts called: The Rolling Stones.

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