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Don Henley, Cass County (2015)

After a fifteen year wait, Don Henley releases his fifth solo album, Cass County. The album’s track list varies from 12 to 18 songs depending on which edition you get your hands on. For those few not in the know, Don Henley is the singer, song writer and drummer for the Eagles.

While reading up on it, there seemed to be issues regarding the release of this record and the first and most predominant was that Henley, who was supposedly unhappy with the way Warner Bros. handled his last release, Inside Job, decided to wait out his contract. Second, Henley along with the other members of the Eagles, have been touring regularly for the better part of the decade and recording an album in that hectic environment just isn’t very easy. Third, this album, Cass County, was originally intended to be a covers record. Of course that was until Henley got inspired by the project and decided to write new material to accompany it.

As for the album itself, Cass County is stripped down and old school. A country album where Eagles fans can relive the glory days of their first three albums, Eagles, Desperado and On the Border but with only Don Henley at the helm. Cass County also stays clear of Henley’s social and political rants that usually accompany his solo records because this time around he sticks to, “the heart of the matter” by dealing with such issues like: love lost, love found, growing up, growing old and being comfortable in one’s own skin.

In fact, we can feel Henley’s passion throughout this release. Even when he steps out of the spotlight and allows his guest performers to shine by focussing on letting the song tell its tale. By the way, the list of people on this guest list is impressive in and of itself with the likes of Mick Jagger, Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton and Martina McBride. What awesome talent!

I truly recommend this latest release from Don Henley. Cass County, is such a well-played and produced album because it was made by an artist who truly stands behind his work.

Check Out the Official Cass County Trailor Below:

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