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Coeur de Pirate: Roses (2015)

Being from Montreal myself, I had heard of Coeur de Pirate, aka Béatrice Martin in the past, but I was introduced to her music with her newest album "Roses". It was a wonderful surprise to have really discovered her with her disctinctive voice and sound.

This is definitely a great adult contemporary pop album, that could easily be played on radio stations across North America. This third studio album was designed to get her foot in the door in the English market and I believe it will definitely succeed. It was produced by a trio of international producers of Sweden's Björn Yttling, England's Ron Ellis and another English producer Ash Workman. The album is distributed by Dare to Care Records in Canada, Barclay in France and Cherrytree Records for the rest of the world.

The album has both French and English songs, but the harmonies of both the music and the voice go beyond languages. There is definitely something special about this music created by Coeur de Pirate. Her voice for the song "Our Love" reminds me of an Adele type of harmony. Look at her live performance below to see what I mean:

I understand why she is very successful both here in Quebec and France. Her music and lyrics are of very good quality and easy to listen to. It is refreshing to hear some new material that is not a remake of a past hit. It is not very difficult to believe that she will achieve the same level of worldwide success as she has in Quebec and France.

Find below the tracks of the album:

1) Oceans Brawl

2) Oublie-moi

3) Crier tout bas

4) I Don't Want to Break Your Heart

5) Drapeau Blanc

6) Undone

7) Tu oublieras mon nom

9) The Way Back Home

11) The Climb (Bonus)

12) Can't Get Your Love (Bonus)

13) Carry On (Bonus)

14) Oceans Brawl (Ash Workman Version)

15) Oublie-Moi (Felix Cartal Remix)

I give this album a 8.5 / 10. An album you can listen to over and over again and still find it refreshing.

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