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Iron Maiden: The Book Of Souls (2015)

Most bands with a history, like Iron Maiden, tend to release one of those run of mill albums in order to justify another world tour. Thankfully, Maiden has decided to take that concept and turn it upside down. The band has unleashed their sixteenth studio album entitled, The Book of Souls (BOS), an ambitious eleven track double album that clocks in at a whopping ninety two minutes.

BOS is the longest running album in Maiden history, with three of the eleven tracks running over the ten minute mark and the album’s bookend track clocks in at mind blowing eighteen minutes!!!

As to why Maiden decided to make a long playing album at this stage in their career, is a mystery to me. But this shouldn’t deter you from giving BOS a listen. For those Maiden fans who enjoyed the epic track “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” from the 1984 Powerslave album, BOS will surely please.

The Book of Souls album itself, is ambitious due to the fact that Maiden has decided to push the envelope and not just release those standard three and half minute long songs of don't bore us get to the chorus . The band has fully embraced their progressive rock influences, making for a more mature Maiden sound. Don’t let this mature sound scare you though because Iron Maiden still rocks. They’ve just decided to add a little oxygen to their sound to help the songs breathe.

Let us face the facts however, if you’ve never liked Maiden before, BOS will definitely not change your mind. But if you’re tired of listening to the same old disposable pop/rock is out there… then BOS is worthy of a listen. Just keep in mind, the album is a definite challenge to listen too. Thankfully, this double disc gives the listener the choice of listening to BOS back to back or one disc at a time.

This is a great album and definitely a worthy addition to the Iron Maiden legacy… Up the irons!!! ….Maiden is back!!!

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