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Son of a Gun

Ewan McGregor, probably best known by sci-fi lovers for his role as Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episodes I – II and III, plays a notorious criminal by the name of Brendan Lynch, in the action crime drama: Son of a Gun.

The movie starts out with a prisoner transfer of the young JR played by Brendan Thwaites. He looks all doe eyed and sad about his stint in the slammer and the realities of prison life set in pretty quick for this young man. He tries to keep to himself however he recognizes the notorious Lynch and can’t stop himself from trying to connect with him. He finally achieves his goal by assisting Lynch with his chess game. This is the first glimpse we see of who JR really is. He’s a smart young man with a chip on his shoulder who has a problem with minding his own business.

Well, the notorious Lynch sees possibilities in this boy. He takes him under his wing and becomes a father figure to gain JR’s confidence, making sure that he doesn’t become someone’s play-mate in prison. Of course, it isn’t out of the goodness of his heart, but more for the fact that JR will be out in six months and can help him with his escape plans and gold heist. Lynch is always thinking ahead as a true notorious criminal should.

The supporting characters are really very superficial, we don’t learn much about them throughout the film. We do however see the evolution of a love story that is quite predictable.

Generally, the film was entertaining and had some intense moments that were just too short. The helicopter prison escape was daring and so well planned and yet when it came time to ditch the Land Rover from the gold heist, the criminals just allow their getaway vehicle to be left behind for the police to find; not very smart or in keeping with Lynch’s character, I must say. Overall, apart from its predictability, the film did provide for an enjoyable 108 minutes.

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