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Sammy Hagar & the Circle: At Your Service

Sammy Hagar and his new band, The Circle, take us on a live “tour” of Hagar’s 40 plus years in the music business. He and his band mates; Vic Johnson, Michael Anthony & Jason Bonham; take the album, “At Your Service” through all eras of Hagars’ career - From Montrose to Van Halen with a little Led Zeppelin thrown in for good measure.

Hagar’s voice has aged nicely; like a fine wine; and the rest of the band is solid. This “live” album is meant to be played LOUD! Let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with this much talent and nineteen kick-ass tracks. So if you looking for a live album, look no further than, At Your Service from Sammy Hagar & The Circle.

At Your Service Track Listing:

01 There's Only One Way To Rock 02 Rock Candy

03 Good Times Bad Times 04 Poundcake 05 I Can't Drive 55 06 Mikey Bass Solo 07 When It's Love 08 Whole Lotta Love 09 Little White Lie 10 When The Levee Breaks 11 Jason Drum Solo / Moby Dick 12 Why Can't This Be Love 13 Finish What Ya Started 14 Heavy Metal 15 Vic Guitar Solo

16 Best of Both Worlds 17 Right Now 18 Rock and Roll 19 Dream

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