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Halestorm - Can I Get An Amen!

American hard rock band, Halestorm, have released their third full length album, Into The Wild Life. The album is made up of 13 to 15 rockin’ radio tunes; depending on which version you get your hands on. The band consists of Lizzy Hale (Lead Vocalist, Guitarist), Arejay Hale (Drums, Vocals), Joseph Hottinger (Lead Guitarist, Vocals) and Josh Smith (Bass Guitar, Vocals).

This new album was produced by Jay Joyce (who’s also produced: Eric Church, Patty Griffin, The Wallflowers). He gets this band to embrace a more melodic sound, which may no doubt divide die-hard fans but don’t let that stop you from getting Into The Wild Life. Halestorm have effortlessly intertwined this new melodic side with their own contemporary sound. Joyces’ production also captures that “live” in the studio feel, giving the songs some real emotional clout thus making for an exceptional listening experience.

Into The Wild Life is a great album. If promoted correctly, it will make Halestorm a household name and introduce the world to the vocal power house that is, Lizzy Hale. Imagine, a hybrid of Joan Jett, Pat Benatar and Heart’s Ann Wilson all wound up in this young woman’s voice. Wow, can I get an Amen! From the very first notes of the album’s opener, Scream, to the album’s closer, I Like It Heavy; Lizzy’s vocals pull you in and never let go.

The album may lack some of that hard rock sound that fans have been accustomed too, but Halestorm’s new album more than makes up for it with raw emotion that seems to be lacking in today’s rock.

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