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Paul McCartney: Flaming Hot!

After being in the music business for over fifty years and fronting two of the most successful bands in rock history and a highly successful solo career, one can occasionally stumble? Paul McCartney has stumbled a few times in his long illustrious career but 1997’s Flaming Pie isn’t one of those occasions. Perhaps, most fans would claim that Flaming Pie reignited Paul McCartney’s recording career and set him on a new course of less schmaltz and more pop sensibility.

After completing the Beatles Anthology, Paul McCartney entered the studio with ELO’S Jeff Lynne and George Martin to produce a stripped down record that resulted in the excellent, Flaming Pie. The album is made up of fourteen mostly acoustic based songs. It reminded me of McCartney’s simplistic charm; reminiscent of his early solo records; most notably McCartney and Ram.

From the Beatlesque album opener, The Song We Were Singing, the underrated rocker, The World Tonight, the acoustic gems of Calico Skies, Little Willow and Great Day, not forgetting about the catchy toe tapping title track, Flaming Pie, shows how this album is another highlight to an incredible career.

If you are a Beatles or McCartney fan or simply a music lover, then Flaming Pie is definitely a must have in your record collection.

1. The Song We Were Singing 2. The World Tonight 3. If You Wanna 4. Somedays 5. Young Boy 6. Calico Skies 7. Flaming Pie 8. Heaven On A Sunday 9. Used To Be Bad 10. Souvenir 11. Little Willow 12. Really Love You 13. Beautiful Night 14. Great Day

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