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We Are Harlot (2015)

The newest group aiming for the top position in the pantheon of rock, is We Are Harlot. Their debut album has eleven tunes with a classic rock swagger mixed in with today’s contemporary sound. Imagine, taking the best elements of Van Halen, Aerosmith and Audioslave, then throwing them in a blender with Marilyn Manson and Three Days Grace.

The songs ooze with energy from the very first note and this energy envelopes you and never lets you go, making for a fun filled toe-tapping listening experience. The band is really on fire, especially Jeff George and Danny Worsnop. Jeff George is the former guitarist from Sebastian Bach and Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandra.

My only comment, albeit minor, is there are a couple of tracks that Worsnops’ voice goes a little off tangent and sounds like he’s singing on a Rammstein record. But, all in all, this is just a great rock record meant to be played loud.

If Harlot are here to give rock n’ roll a facelift, then let the surgery begin.

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