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The Best In Comics (2015)

Comics are simply a hobby for me. I don’t purchase comics for the sole reason of hoping that one day it will it increase in value. This being said, my top five favorite are based solely on the sheer enjoyment I got out of reading them. If anybody thinks this list will lead to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you will undoubtedly be disappointed. So, here we go; and in no particular order I may add; are the top five comic series I have enjoyed the most.

THE AVENGERS: Of all the Marvel titles out, this is currently my favourite. The creative team of Jonathon Hickman, Mike Deodato, and Frank Martin break away from your standard stereotypical super heroes. The heroes cross the line of morality and sometimes endanger civilians in the process. It makes The Avengers the one series that I cannot put down.

Aquaman: The biggest surprise since the New 52’s inception. I was baited and hooked with the very first issue. Regardless of which creative team at the helm, DC has managed to take the old myths of Atlantis and make it exciting for a modern audience.

The Flash: The newest creative team of Brett Booth, Robert Venditti, Van Jensen and Andrew Dalhouse have managed to draw me back to The Flash series because it pushes the limit on how far a hero would go to change one defining moment in his life. A cool idea indeed.

SUPERMAN: The super team of Jim Lee and Scott Snyder have developed a new 9 issue series entitled Superman: Unchained. First of all, nobody… and I mean nobody, draws Superman better than Jim Lee. In fact, Superman finally looks like the most powerful hero in the DC universe and yet its contemporary styling still keeps the core values that long-time fans hold dear.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: The newest incarnation of the Justice League from the creative team of Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson make this a must read. From the art work, to the great storylines, DC has again revamped a series thus making it contemporary for modern audiences without losing the core mythos of the team. Am positive it will keep long-time fans coming back for more.

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