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Scorpions: Return To Forever (2015)

The German rock n’ roll icons will celebrate their 50th anniversary this year and to mark this historic occasion, the band will release their 18th studio album ‘Return To Forever‘, followed by a world tour.

The story behind this release is quite interesting, the band wanted to release a couple of songs that hadn’t make the cut on past albums due to time constraints of vinyl and CD. As the project began to take form however, many of the songs were not only re-recorded but re-worked from scratch in order to sound more contemporary. In the process the band was inspired and began writing more material. The end result, is a brand new Scorpions album.

The question is… is the album any good? Fear not Scorpions’ fans, 'Return To Forever' pays homage to their most successful era (82’-90’). A great mix of rockers and power ballades that we have come to love from Germany’s greatest export. Albeit there are a couple cheesy songs, all in all Return To Forever is a great addition to any Scorpions’ fan collection.

If you can get your hands on the deluxe edition of the album, the four bonus tracks are well worth the extra cost.


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