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The November Man

Pierce Brosnan returns to the spy world in, The November Man. Brosnan plays Peter Devereaux a former CIA agent who is lured out of retirement to help a friend protect a witness that has proof that the man running for president in Russia committed war crimes during the Chechen war.

Of course, in the spy world, nothing goes as planned and Devereaux’s friend is killed right after giving up the name of the witness. Now, Devereaux must keep the witness alive as he’s pitted against his former protégé, high level CIA officials and the Russian president-elect.

Personally, it was great to see Pierce Brosnan play a spy again and save the day, however Brosnan couldn’t save The November Man from being a run of the mill B movie. His charisma and acting ability shone through the mediocre storyline and poor character development, unfortunately some of the cast were not given the opportunity to fully realize their characters.

First is Amila Terzimehic who plays Alexa, the assassin sent by the Russians to kill Deveraux’s witness who is played by former bond girl Olga Kurylenko. Terzimehic seems to pull off the “cold” killer character, except with no real interaction between she and Devereaux, the tension or urgency doesn’t quite come to light in the film.

Second is Luke Bracey who plays Devereaux’s protégé, Mason. Had the writers delved a little deeper into their history or back the story between them, it would have helped me feel more involved in both these character’s journey throughout the film.

All in all, The November Man is a decent rental but only if you miss Brosnan playing a spy.

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