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Fleetwood Mac: Bell Centre 2015 - The Chain Keeps Us Together

Fleetwood Mac, a staple on classic rock radio since the 70’s has returned to Montreal to reconnect the “Chains” with their Montreal fans.

For a band whose music emerged from personal turmoil, they seemed in good spirits with the crowd and themselves on Thursday night in front of twelve thousand fans at the Bell Centre. Perhaps it had to do with the return of the band’s most popular line-up which included keyboardist Christine McVie.

Being that it was my first time at a Fleetwood Mac concert, I was in total awe of the musicianship. Mick Flleetwood’s drumming/time keeping was incredible. John McVie’s bass playing was top notch. However, it was Lindsey Buckingham in my opinion, who stole the show. He is an amazing guitar player and singer. His voice sounds just like the hits songs we love to listen to on the radio. Buckingham’s arrangement changes for some classic Fleetwood Mac songs proved without a shadow of a doubt, that this was not just some nostalgia tour.

Every song tells a story and Fleetwood Mac did a great job by telling the story behind those songs. It made for a more interactive exchange of emotions; instead of you’re run of the mill rock concert.

I highly recommend seeing Fleetwood Mac at least once in your life. I can now scratch off seeing another great band from my bucket list.


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