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Some of the Best and Overlooked Movies of 2014.

Hello movie fans, here are some of the best and overlooked movies of 2014.


  • Guardians of the Galaxy - Come on! You knew this had to be on the list. A rag tag team of fugitives setting their differences aside in order to save the universe; sounds like something we have seen a hundred times before but not like this! Any movie with a modified talking racoon and a tree on its team and a soundtrack that kicks butt has got my vote.


  • Edge of Tomorrow- Love him or hate him but Tom Cruise sure knows how to deliver an entertaining movie and Edge of Tomorrow may be his best movie since he started his Mission Impossible franchise. The movie had a great story, great cast and the special effects just added to the story. Still cannot believe that this movie underperformed at the box office. Please rent this movie, you will not regret it.


  • Snowpiercer- It may not have had the budget of most Hollywood blockbusters but that didn’t stop this movie from telling a good story.


  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – This sequel vastly surpasses its predecessor and I cannot get enough of it. Andy Serkis is so underrated in his portrayal of Caesar and definitely deserves an Oscar.

  • Godzilla – Never thought it could be done but this version of Godzilla pays homage to its past while keeping it relevant for today’s audience.


  • How To Train Your Dragon 2- Again one of the few sequels in movie history that actually comes close to the original… a must see!


  • John Wick - Not a whole lot of story, but has some of the best fight sequences seen in a long time. Can’t explain it but John Wick is my guilty pleasure of 2014.

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