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Death Of Wolverine (2014)

Marvel Comics has decided to kill one of its best movie/comic characters in a four part series entitled “Death Of Wolverine”. I was quite skeptical about how this was going to go down. Let’s face it, it seemed almost impossible for Marvel to come up with a worthy story to match this iconic character’s rich history. But the team of Charles Soule, Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten , Justin Ponsor and Joe Quesada dissipated my skepticism by making “Death Of Wolverine“ an entertaining read.

The story line goes: Wolverine (Logan) finds out he’s lost his self-healing abilities, making it open season for our hero. As Logan tries to fight the countless hunters trying to be “The One” who kills the famous Wolverine, he finds that there is an enormous bounty on his head and the financier wants Logan alive.

Of course our hero hunts the man who has placed the bounty on his head and in the process returns to an all too familiar place, Paradise Valley – Nevada. Without giving too much away “Death Of Wolverine” is an exciting read that brings our hero back to where he began, as Weapon X.

Wolverine doesn’t go out in a blaze of glory as some readers might expect, but he does go out as a true hero and Wolverine fashion. Some readers might find his demise somewhat anti-climactic and understandably so. For the most part I thought that story was a fitting tribute to the legacy of Wolverine.

So give this series some time to resonate after reading and write to us and let us know what you think of the “Death Of Wolverine”.

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