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Billy Idol: More! More! More!

After nine years, Billy Idol releases his new album King & Queens Of The Underground. The album is supposedly a confessional and introspective piece that ties in with his autobiography Dancing With Myself.

The album was produced by Trevor Horn (Yes, Seal, Rod Stewart) and Greg Kurstin (Pink, Kelly Clarkson & Lilly Allen). They bring in a pop / new wave sound to the record.

For the most part Idol’s Kings & Queens Of The Underground is an enjoyable listen, but it lacked the impact that I was hoping. I thought that the production was way too crisp and clean when dealing with Idol’s turbulent past. Perhaps Rick Rubin (Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Metaliica & The Cult ) would have been a better choice for producer. Rick Rubin has a way of really bringing out the emotions in songs. Trevor Horn and Greg Kurstin mostly tip-toe and candy-coat the subject matter.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Billy Idol album without long-time guitarist and collaborator Steve Stevens whose guitar playing is top-notch throughout. I just think that after a nine year wait and a wealth of material to draw inspiration from Kings & Queens Of The Underground could have been so much more.

Standout Tracks: Bitter Pill, Can’t Break Me Down, Save Me Know & Whiskey and Pills.


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