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Melissa Etheridge: This Is M.E. (2014)

Melissa Etheridge returns to the music scene with her brand new album; This Is M.E.

This marks her first venture away from the Island Records Label where she has been a staple for twenty five years. It is also the first album that Melissa Etheridge works together with other writers.

For those fans who can remember that far back, think of This Is M.E. has a hybrid of her debut album with that of Yes I Am and 1992’s experimental Never Enough (remember the song 2001?). In short, taking Etheridge’s passionate singing and playing with emotionally charged lyrics and combining that with experimental beats and loops from collaborators Jon Levine, Jerry Wonda & Roccstar, the album works, for the most part, until the loops/ beats come across too strong and diminish Melissa Etheridge’s raw edge. Thankfully it doesn’t happen to often.

I truly enjoyed this latest release from Melissa Etheridge, she still has the fire and passion that I love in her playing, writing and vocal delivery. I do give her a tip of the hat for trying to push the envelope in trying new styles and sounds, even if at times they don’t work for me. But if new writers and a little experimentation fires her up, then I say go for it!

Standout Tracks: I Won’t Be Alone Tonight, Take My Number. Do It Again, Monster, Ain’t That Bad & Soul Brothers (Target Exclusive)

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