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John Mellencamp: Plain Spoken (2014)

With this 22nd album release John Mellencamp netted himself an impressive “life-long” contract with Republic Records. This ten track record was produced by Mellencamp and marks Republic Record first venture with Mellencamp.

Gone are the stadium rockers like Jack and Diane and Paper in Fire, Mellencamp has found his inner country/folk voice with this acoustic based album.

Plain Spoken is a dark and reflective album that touches a wide range of topics. Troubled Man is an introspective piece and Tears in Vain speaks of love lost, while other tracks like Lawless Times and Freedom of Speech convey Mellencamp’s views on the state of America.

This album rewards you more and more with repeated listens. He may not be rocking out like he used to but Plain Spoken still packs a wallop with its words and sincerity.

Standout Tracks: Troubled Man, Tears In Vain, Freedom Of Speech.


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