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Robert Plant - Lullaby and …The Ceaseless Roar (2014)

Some artists make such an impact that they can never really escape their past. Case in point, Robert Plant who will forever be linked to the iconic super group, Led Zeppelin. So comparisons will always be made when a new solo record is released. Is it fair to compare? I think not, but it undoubtedly happens with superstars that are in Plant’s position.

Led Zeppelin is without question one of the best rock bands of all time, and nothing will change that. They left an undeniable impact in the rock world and to generations of rock fans around the planet. The bottom line however, is Robert Plant’s new album as good as Led Zeppelin…I think not, but it is a good album.

The album was recorded in Peter Gabriel’s Real World recording studio and his influences are felt throughout. The album is a hybrid of techno, Celtic, Moroccan and African beats. For those looking for another Houses of the Holy they will be disappointed with Plant’s latest release Lullaby and …The Ceaseless Roar. If you can get past that this is not a Led Zeppelin album, you may just enjoy this new journey that Plant is on.

Robert Plant is in a reflective mood on this new release, connecting the dots from his past to the present and trying to figure out what it all means. His voice might not be what it once was but, Plant’s matured voice offers a warmth and comfort to the listener.

Robert Plant seems truly inspired in this new phase in his musical career proving to me he is a rock god by not resting on his laurels and moving to where the music takes him. Would I like to see a Led Zeppelin reunion…you bet! But we all know it wouldn’t be the same without John Bonham and Robert Plant’s lack of inspiration to belt out those classic tunes.

Standout Tracks: Little Maggie, Rainbow, Embrace Anther Fall, House of Love& A Stolen Kiss


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