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Videogame: Dead Pixels (XBOX 360)

Game Name: Dead Pixels

Developer: CSR-Studios

Platform: XBOX 360 and XBOX One (XBOX Live Marketplace), Steam, Humble Store, Desura, Green Man Gaming and Amazon


Price: 1.99$ (XBOX Live Marketplace), 2.99$ USD (all other platforms as per their website)

The picture above says it all, an 8-bit style zombie game. How can one go wrong? It mixes in the traditional platformer, in the style of 8-bit and can be played on HD screens. That is incredible!!! I had never seen this game, however it seems that it has been on XBOX Live Marketplace since 2011. This means that I am way behind for the review of this game.

The game developer is CSR-Studios, and are located in Scotmand. Although the game is a little old, they have released this game in 2013 on other PC platforms such as Steam and Desura. For 1.99$ on XBOX 360 or XBOX One or 2.99$ USD on other PC platforms, you have no reason to not to try it.

Since its release they have won a few awards.

  • Gamepro Editors Choice

  • Indie Gamer Chick Seal of Approval

  • 2nd place in Microsoft’s Dream Build Play 2012 contest

Not too bad for an indie developer.

Storyline (Plot)

The storyline doesn't get much more straight forward than this. There are different modes presented to you but the main goal is to shoot as many zombies as possible.


I was very impressed with the presentation of the game. In addition to being in 8-bit style, they have added the old movie pops and scratches like old movies from the 1940's. It gives it a cool feeling. It also gave it the feel like when you played Sega Genesis or the NES when the game would start right away and not have 10 minutes of looking at licences and credits from various publishers. There are a few screens but they disappear very quickly.

Screenshot of Game

Dead Pixels - Screenshot.jpg

The music is also not bad at all. It does not get as annoying as in some other games. The music was created by

Danial Bautista:

Spaceman Fantastiques:


You can purchase the sountrack at the following link. I am actually thinking of picking it up.

Screenshot of Album

Dead Pixels - Soundtrack.jpg


As I mentioned above, the game is very straight forward as the goal is to kill as many zombies as possible. There are a few modes to choose from. Here is the breakdown below.

Dead Pixels

The main game is called Dead Pixels. You are given a character and you do not have much in terms of power ups and so on. You are given a gun and your goal is to reach to the end. You need to reach the survivors and in order to to this you must go through what they call 10 streets. Every street will have a number of various zombies that will try to kill you. When you shoot a zombie you obtain money. When you kill a zombie you can get a coin bonus. This money can be used in various stores on your trek to upgrade your weaponery and pick some needed ammo. You can can play single player or with a friend in the same room on local co-op. When choosing the single player mode you can choose the level of difficulty. They are easy, normal, hard and hardest.

The Solution

This option is very similar to Dead Pixels. The only difference that I see is that you choose from a variety of players that already have some power ups and all have different aspects that they are better at. One character may be better at gun shooting, whereas another character may be better at using advanced weapons. The gameplay for this mode is very similar. The storyline is a little different but the gameplay is the same. You are walking through the streets trying to meet your goal. While you do so zombies will try to get you. This mode has the same options as Dead Pixels. Two modes are available Single player and local co-op. The levels are easy, normal, hard and hardest.

The Last Stand

This game mode is different. You are a character that is chosen for you and you have to make sure that the wave of zombies do not eat you. It seems that you are in a mall and you will get wave after wave of zombies. The goal is to kill as many zombies as possible and get through as many waves of zombies as possible. This option has again Single player and local co-op. However there are only 2 game options that you can choose. If you choose time attack, you need to survive for a determined period of time before moving on. As for Survival, it is one wave after another and you need to survive.

Note: All modes have a save option.

The controls are very tight. On the XBOX 360, you play essentially with the left stick and the 4 buttons in the back of the controller. If you want to shot left you press the left button and right buttons to shoot right. To go into a store you need to press A. You even have guides when you first play to tell you what you can do. As easy as this game is, I would love it if more games did this. It is like a tutorial but it is part of the game and it is not a completely different option.


For the price, this is an amazing game. It is a great platformer with awesome music. You do not need to think when playing this game. You can play for 20 minutes and call it quits. The only thing I would say is disappointing and I can't complain because of the price, is that I wouldn't mind playing this game remotely with friends. I would love for this game to develop an online co-op mode. However, if the developers wanted something like on the Sega Genesis, NES or Dreamcast, then this is it. it is as old school as you can get without playing on those old consoles. Also to have the server capacity for this game, the price would be dramatically higher.

Rating: 9.5 zombie kills out of 10.

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